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Renew your mind and body with our cold therapy tubs.

Our innovative cold plunges combine affordability and exceptional insulation to maintain cold water temperatures, delivering all the premium features of high-end plunges at a fraction of the cost.

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We built the best because we needed it.

Desert Plunge is a family business

…born out of a difficult experience. In 2019 Matt Kuiper and his wife were traveling through Ecuador, when, while staying at a remote ecolodge in the Amazon Basin, Matt experienced a sudden onset of severe insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

For seven brutal months Matt tried multiple healing modalities, including antidepressants, talk therapy, and natural remedies that provided little relief. Around this time his brother discovered cold therapy, introducing Matt to the practice. Matt found a wellness center that offered cold therapy and started going every day; and through daily ice baths, breathwork, prayer, and mindfulness exercises, he found relief and healing that turned his life back toward a positive direction.

Inspired by the immediate relief he experienced from cold plunging, and by the COVID shutdown of his wellness center, Matt started looking around for one to purchase for personal use; and found the models available were expensive, didn’t serve hot climates well, and the tubs did not provide a full, deep soak. So he took things into his own hands.

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Cools to 39 degrees

Our 1/4 Horsepower Cold Plunge Tub

Our 1/4 horsepower cold plunge tub is quiet, attractively designed, and is great for indoor and outdoor use. No ice needed! The included electric chiller makes your ice bath experience ice-free, and the tub’s amazing insulation makes it energy efficient and highly functional in hot climates. Child-safe! Great price point!

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The 450 Wide Grizzly Cold Plunge Tub

from $3,400.00

Want it a little wider? You spoke and we listened. Our Wide Grizzly 450 Cold Plunge is 7.5″ wider than the Original. The Wide is for people hoping for a tandem plunge experience, who like to sit crosslegged while plunging, or just generally would like to stretch out a bit more while plunging. Like the original, this plunge also comes with a 1/4 horsepower chiller, is quiet, functional in hot climates, and has the safety and convenience features of the Original.

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