Shipping and Refund Policy

Shipping info

Shipping is free with LTL freight to your home or business to designated zip codes within mainland USA. Your cold plunge will be picked up from our warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, and you will be contacted to schedule your delivery. The freight company will unload the pallet at your home, and it will be the owner’s responsibility to dispose of the pallet and all packing material and move the cold plunge to its designated space. If you are local and want to pick up from our warehouse, we do offer a local discount pick up.

Refund / Returns policy

Customer understands and agrees that, except if a product is defective as defined below, you notify us within the timeframe stated below, and you also comply with all requirements set by us concerning the defective product and its return, all sales of products and services by us are final with no refunds.

Defective products and returns:

“Defective product(s)” is defined for purposes of this agreement as a product that is purchased and received in a defective condition (including design and manufacturing defects and defects in material or workmanship) or is not in accordance with our or the manufacturer’s or supplier’s published specifications or documentation relating to the product or other provisions of this agreement. The term “defective product(s)” shall specifically exclude, without limitation, any products (a) which have been subjected to misuse, negligence, accident, or improper maintenance, installation, setup, placement, or application, or (b) which have been altered without Desert Plunge’s prior written consent.

Notwithstanding other provisions of this agreement, customer may return any and all products found to be defective products provided that all of the following conditions are satisfied: (1) customer provides written notice to Desert Plunge of the defective product within ten (10) days after delivery, including a detailed description of why you claim the product is a defective product; (2) customer allows Desert Plunge to inspect the claimed defective product if we want to do so; (3) customer obtains Desert Plunge’s written authorization to return the defective product; and (4) customer returns the defective product to Desert Plunge within thirty (30) days of receiving Desert Plunge’s written authorization of the return, unless Desert Plunge allows, in writing and in its sole and absolute discretion, a longer time period for return of the product. 

Upon your receipt of our written authorization to permit the return of a defective product, all shipping or freight charges for returned defective products will be paid by Desert Plunge.

You understand and agree that your sole and exclusive remedy related to the purchase or use of any defective product is to either have the product repaired, receive a replacement product, or receive a full refund of the product’s purchase price. you further expressly agree that you are not entitled to any other damages, amounts, or remedies related in any way to the purchase or use of a defective product.

If you do not follow all of the conditions stated above and do not receive Desert Plunge’s written authorization to return the defective product prior to returning the defective product, you understand and agree that Desert Plunge is not obligated to accept the return, is not obligated to pay for return shipping or freight charges, and is not obligated to provide you any refund or replacement items.

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