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Our cold plunge tubs represent the best of years of engineering and design.

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Our tubs are

  • Iceless ice baths: our electric 1/4 horsepower chiller cools the water to a frosty 39 degrees, no industrial ice maker or trips to the store for ice needed (which adds up fast)
  • Durable and rugged, great for both indoor and outdoor soaking
  • Injected with 2″ of foam for superior insulation
  • Equipped with a water filtration system
  • 24” deep, allowing for full submersion up to chin
  • Can accommodate 6’ 8” + tall comfortably
  • Are child-proof, with a lockable lid
  • Have a prop latching lid bracket that holds the lid open while plunging

What is this horsepower business?

Why chiller horsepower matters

Horsepower refers to the ooomph of your chiller, the element that keeps your cold plunge cold.

Our ¼ hp chiller can cool to 39 degrees. Due to the amazing insulation of our tubs and quality of our ¼ hp chillers, this chiller is energy efficient and works great for most people. This model chills best when kept out of direct sunlight in intense heat. 

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Our 1/4 Horsepower Cold Plunge Tub

from Original price was: $3,048.00.Current price is: $2,973.00.

Water temperature can reach 39 degrees in most cases.

– Cooling speed of 2-5 degrees an hour.
– Great for indoor and outdoor use, if it is kept under cover.
– Circulating water keeps you cold in the tub!
– Energy efficient, thanks to excellent insulation and our careful engineering.
– No ice needed! The included electric chiller makes your ice bath experience ice-free.
– Works in extreme temperatures, hot or cold.
– Designed to keep water clean!

Optional ozone and other accessories.

Hot or cold, our tubs can do it

Our tubs are designed for extreme temperatures

Some of the other tubs on the market are made for the temperate climates where they’re made; their insulation and chilling capacities don’t hold up in other parts of the country. We live in Arizona and created our tubs for heat AND cold.

Made for the heat

Our tubs were specifically constructed to withstand the temperatures of an Arizona summer, when it is frequently over 110 degrees. (They perform fantastically in other hot climates, including Desert California, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Hawaii.) Their superior insulation and carefully engineered chiller mechanisms keep them cold in the heat while also being energy efficient. Our cold plunge tubs chill to 39 degrees.

Rockin’ in the cold

With a little extra attention to your cold plunge in a freezing climate, you can plunge all winter long. (detailed instructions here). Or, you can relocate your plunge indoors until it warms up outside. See more on this on our care and maintenance page.

Some things people ask us about our cold plunges

The main difference between an ice bath and a cold plunge is the method of getting the water cold enough for immersion.

Cold plunges, like our 1/4 horsepower cold plunge, use an electric chiller to keep the water cooled to an optimal 39 degrees. When you water is electrically cooled, your cold plunge tub is ready any time for a dip, no trips to the store or ice hauling needed.

Ice baths require an industrial ice maker at home or frequent trips to the store to buy a number of bags of ice to get the water cold enough to achieve sufficient results. That adds up. Unless you have a lot of cold storage at home, you’ll need to do this any time you want to take a plunge.

In optimal conditions (stored inside under climate control or outside out of direct sunlight and kept under cover) the 1/4 HP gets down to 39 degrees, no ice needed.

If your cold plunge tub is kept at 45 degrees during an Arizona summer, it will cost you roughly $25/month depending the price you pay per kWh with your local utility company.

Be sure to rinse off well before getting in your plunge. Makeup, soap, lotions, and oils from your body will affect the sanitation of the water.

Only wear a swimsuit in your plunge, anything else is not recommended. Lint and laundry detergent soap will come off your clothing, causing the water to get dirty faster.

Put a mat down in front of your plunge. Don’t walk from where you rinse off to the plunge barefoot, where sandals and take them off right before you get in.

You can try using a “scum bug” to help soak up some of the oils. Also adding 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (4.5 oz) will help with water sanitation.

Some other good options for sanitation are a chlorine free water stabilizer or our Sirona spa water treatment kit.

You can also purchase a spa vacuum from Amazon to help suck up some of the loose debris that may fall to the bottom of your plunge.

We offer a 1 year limited warranty. See more details here.

Our cold plunge tubs are available for delivery within the Phoenix metro area for $200, for flat rate shipping across the continental US for $250, or for shipping to the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu, or Hawaii for $650.

Alternatively, you can pick up your new cold plunge from our warehouse in Phoenix and pay no shipping / handling fee.

We will provide you with tracking information as soon as your unit has been shipped. The shipping company will contact you prior to delivery to set up a time.

Yes, we offer appointments at our local shop. Please dm or email us at Info@desertplunge.com to schedule an appt.

The only time we recommend adding ice to your cold plunge tub is in the summer in hotter climates, to help speed up the cooling time on initial fill up of your tub or during a water change, because you just can’t wait to get in. Be sure before turning on your plunge that the ice is floating well above the intake hole.

Yes, but there are special considerations for your tub needed in cold temperatures. We recommend keeping your tub under cover and away from direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Optional add ons

Sirona Water Treatment Kit

This kit includes everything you’ll need to help keep your water clean and clear: 3 filters, 32 oz Sirona Oxidizer, 16oz Sirona Sanitizer, 16oz Alkalinity Up, 16oz pH Down, & 25 Testing strips.

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