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Grizzly Cold Plunge Tub – 3/4 Horsepower, Tan



Looking for an outdoor cold plunge? Our all-new 3/4HP cold plunge is crafted to withstand rain and sun, this exceptional product boasts a cutting-edge 3/4 horsepower outdoor rated stainless steel chiller proudly made in the USA. It defies the elements, and is possible to reach a chilling temperature of 37-39 degrees, even when exposed to intense summer sun.

With superior insulation, the cold plunge maintains its frigid temperature while preserving energy efficiency. The combination of its robust chiller and advanced insulation guarantees an invigorating and refreshing plunge every time. It is remarkably affordable, making it an unbeatable choice for those seeking a top-tier cold plunge experience without breaking the bank. With its exceptional features and wallet-friendly price point, this product will stand alone as the number one cold plunge option for outdoor and hot weather climates.


  • Durable rugged tub, great for both indoor and outdoor
  • Childproof, lockable lid
  • Prop latching lid bracket that will hold the lid open while plunging
  • Injected with 2″ of foam for superior insulation
  • Equipped with a water filtration system to keep your water clean
  • 24” deep tub, allowing full submersion up to chin.
  • Tub can accommodate 6’ 8” + tall comfortably
  • Equipped with drain attachment to fit a standard garden hose
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty 


Local pickup at our Phoenix metro warehouse, local delivery, or flat-rate shipping within the continental U.S. available. 

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Finding your fit

The Original vs the Wide Cold Plunge Tub: What's the difference?

Desert Plunge Founder Matt Kuiper demonstrates the difference between the Original and the Wide Desert Cold Plunge models in this video.

Squeaky Clean

Water Treatment: Ozone

Ozone sanitation is a is a great chemical-free option for keeping your water clean. system where a generator that attaches to the back of your cold plunge tub, releasing ozone into the water daily using an air pump. Ozone and runs automatically daily, making it hands-off maintenance option. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent which when dissolved in water, produces a broad spectrum biocide that helps eliminate bacteria and viruses; ozone for water treatment has been used since 1904.  See also our Ozone FAQs and check out the video for more information. Please note, if you keep your cold plunge outside in freezing temperatures, ozone tubing will need to be monitored for blockages, and ozone should not be used in temperatures below 20 degrees F.

Squeaky Clean

Water Treatment: Sirona

Our Sirona Water Maintenance Kit is a chlorine free and bromine free product that you’ll add to your cold plunge water based on the results of weekly testing;  testing info and pH strips are included.

The Sirona Water Maintenance Kit is a stronger cleaning agent than ozone; it is ideal if there are a number of people regularly using your cold plunge. See more information about Sirona use and testing on our care and maintenance page.

3/4 horsepower

Cold Plunge Footprint

Total footprint – 79” long x 35” deep, add 12” to keep off wall for a total footprint of 79”x47”

Interior cooler dimensions – 43 1/4” long x 24 1/2” deep x 24 1/2” wide

Exterior cooler dimensions – 54 1/2” long x 31” wide x 32” high, if needing to fit through a narrow doorway, you can remove the lid and turn the plunge on its side, achieving a width of 28 3/4”

a sketch of the footprint and dimensions of a Desert Plunge three quarter horsepower cold plunge tub