The Wide Grizzly 450 Cold Plunge Tub – Tub Only, White


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This tub is limited edition; get yours before we sell out!

Is bigger better? we think so. You have spoken and we have listened. Our Wide Grizzly 450 Cold Plunge is 7.5″ wider and an inch longer in the interior. This limited-edition, wider tub is perfect for tandem cold plunging, people who like to sit cross legged as they plunge, or those just wanting a little more room to spread out. It’s also a good solution for men with very broad shoulders / football player physique.

This listing is for the TUB ONLY, with the option to have us drill a chiller connection hole, and/or drill an ozone hole. Buy the Wide Cold Plunge with chiller here.


  • Durable rugged tub, great for both indoor and outdoor, with a child-proof, lockable lid.
  • The Wide tub has even more insulation than the Original, making it even more energy efficient. 
  • The Wide can accommodate not only 6’ 8” + taller comfortably, but with extra room to spread out you can probably fit a friend in there too! 
  • An open bottom design on the 450 prevents standing water from accumulating
  • Prop latching lid bracket that will hold the lid open while plunging. 
  • Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Due to its wider profile, flat shipping on these tubs is $275.

Shipping options: free local pickup at our Phoenix metro area warehouse, local delivery in the Phoenix metro for a fee, $275 flat-rate shipping within the continental U.S., and $650 flat-rate delivery to the Hawaiian Islands of Maui, Kauai, Oahu, or Hawaii.

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Squeaky Clean

Water Treatment: Ozone

Ozone sanitation is a is a great chemical-free option for keeping your water clean. system where a generator that attaches to the back of your cold plunge tub, releasing ozone into the water daily using an air pump. Ozone and runs automatically daily, making it hands-off maintenance option. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent which when dissolved in water, produces a broad spectrum biocide that helps eliminate bacteria and viruses; ozone for water treatment has been used since 1904.  See also our Ozone FAQs and check out the video for more information. Please note, if you keep your cold plunge outside in freezing temperatures, ozone tubing will need to be monitored for blockages, and ozone should not be used in temperatures below 20 degrees F.



image showing sirona water treatment products
Another option

Water Treatment: Sirona

Our Sirona Water Maintenance Kit is a chlorine free and bromine free product that you’ll add to your cold plunge water based on the results of weekly testing;  testing info and pH strips are included.

The Sirona Water Maintenance Kit is a stronger cleaning agent than ozone; it is ideal if there are a number of people regularly using your cold plunge. See more information about Sirona use and testing on our care and maintenance page.

Unboxing the Desert Plunge Wide

The Wide Cold Plunge Footprint & What Comes With It

We include all the important things you need to get you up and plunging right away, including filters, cleaning tools, adapters, easy to set up fittings, and instructions. Most people say set up took them about 10 minutes.

  • Instructional set up video and care instructions
  • Tub
  • Pump
  • Chiller
  • Filter Housing
  • 2 filters
  • Electrical box with power cord
  • GFCI adapter
  • Water Hose Filter
  • Intake strainer to prevent unwanted hair getting in your pump
  • Prefabricated fittings and components for easy set up
  • Water sanitation options: Ozone or Sirona

What’s not included: ice! With our electric chilled cold plunge, you’ll never need ice to experience the benefits of cold water immersion therapy.

Shipped weight is 232lbs

Total footprint – 77” long x 40” deep, add 10” to keep off wall for a total footprint of 77”x50”

Exterior cooler dimensions – 59.75” long x 38.5” wide x 30.75” high.

a sketch of the footprint and dimensions of the Wide Desert Plunge grizzly cold plunge tub